Story of Archaebacteria Brothers, the extremists

Once upon a time there lived the three brothers from the Prokaryote village.

Their names were Thermo, Halo, and Metho. They were 3.5 billions years old (older than your great great great ... grandmother)

They were autotrophic, meaning they made their own food, and don't have to go to the grocery shopping.

These brothers had special powers that none other organisms possessed.

Thermo, he had the super power to live in extremely hot places. His house was much hotter than a sauna or hot spring.

Halo loved salt and he was able to live in salty places like the DEAD SEA.

Metho had power to live without oxygen. Can you live without breathing? He can!!!

Another power these brothers had was to duplicate themselves to produce twin brothers of their own. When they reproduce, they chant this spell: Binary Fission, Conjugation, Transduction, Transformation!!!

These brothers sure were unique.

So they decided to build their own Kingdom.

Now it is called Archaea.

These brothers exist everywhere. You cannot see them, but remember these three brothers!

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