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There's a Google search field available in the top right corner of every page on the ToL site. Use this field to do a search across the entire ToL web site, including all branch and leaf pages, other articles, notes, treehouses, and the site documentation.

For more specific search options, check out our advanced search features:

Group Search

Use this search to find Tree of Life branch or leaf pages for a particular group of organisms. Scientific names will work best (e.g., Basidiomycota, Polemoniaceae, Vampyroteuthis infernalis), but you can try common names (e.g., songbirds, ferns, monarch butterfly). This search will also work for other names such as synonyms that are stored in our names index.

Media Search

Use this search to find media (images, movies, sounds, etc.) in the Tree of Life collection. You can fill out one or several of the fields below. If your search does not find the media you are looking for, try using fewer search criteria. Some materials that fit your criteria may not yet have been annotated accordingly and may therefore not show up in your media search results. We are continuously improving the annotation of media files, so the quality of media search results will improve over time.

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